In August 2015, at SigEp's 54th Grand Chapter Conclave, undergraduate delegates drafted and passed historic legislation declaring the Balanced Man Program (BMP) as the Fraternity's only member development model.

This undergraduate-sponsored resolution was another first for the fraternity world and continued SigEp's lead as the premier student organization on every campus. 

Further, Conclave delegates charged the Headquarters staff to strengthen their investment in the Balanced Man Program, and to discover more opportunities to advance the BMP’s impact at every SigEp chapter. 

Delegates shared obstacles that were keeping their chapters from properly implementing the BMP. The consensus in the room was:

  • We reinvent the wheel every year—with new officers comes a brand new BMP.

  • We need to find ways to make the BMP more personalized to individual brothers.

  • We wish we knew what other brothers in our chapter were working on and achieving.

As these concerns were expressed, brothers in the audience were aggressively nodding their heads. And then the final line of the legislation was read, and it charged the staff with developing an online platform for the BMP that addresses these issues and makes the program relevant to today’s college student. 

Today, SigEp Headquarters staff is proud to announce that it has made great progress in fulfilling that mandate.