Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I talk to if my chapter is ready to use the app?

  • Reach out to your regional director if your chapter is ready to use the app. He will be able to help your chapter with onboarding, training, and implementation. You can also email with any additional questions you might have.

When can we begin using the app?

  • The app is now available in the Google Play and Apple Stores. You will be able to access during the spring term as regional directors work with your development committee and volunteers to onboard brothers and distribute login information.


What is the app designed to do and how will it help my chapter?

  • The BMP App makes active participation in the Balanced Man Program simple and intuitive. In the app, brothers can track and manage their progress through the BMP in real time. They can share and celebrate goals and successes with the chapter. Officers will also have a streamlined platform to deliver curriculum and provide support. 

Are meetings and activities customizable?

  • Yes, you will be able to create and develop your own custom meetings and activities for each challenge. The app also includes +250 ready to use meetings and activities built into “Challenge Templates” that you can use as a starting point to customize your programming.

Will a brother be able to review his former challenge information?

  • Yes, from the brother profile any brother can look back on previous meetings and activities that he completed in former challenges.

Can coordinators save challenges to use/edit later?

  • Yes, all challenges built in the app automatically save and you can reuse, refer back, or make a copy of previous challenges at any time.  

Will I get push notifications from the app?

  • Notifications will be displayed when the application is open. “Push notifications” as reminders about Meetings, deadlines, and requirements will however be available through integration with Google calendar, email, etc.

Can a coordinator manage the app from his phone?

  • The mobile app is developed for the user experience rather than program administration. The online version is ideal for coordinators to use with laptops and tablets that support full view web browsers.


How many administrators can we have helping to implement the BMP using the app?

  • Each chapter is permitted to have six administrators to manage the app. These roles should be help by the chapter’s Vice President of Member Development, Sigma Challenge Coordinator, Phi Challenge Coordinator, Epsilon Challenge Coordinator, Brother Mentor Challenge Coordinator, and a Volunteer Administrator (usually the chapter’s Balanced Man Steward).

What happens to app access when a member graduates or is expelled from the chapter?

  • When a chapter officer notifies headquarters of brothers no longer in the chapter and updates the chapter roster in the officer portal access will automatically be removed from the selected members.

Who will be able to edit and view our challenges?

  • Your challenge coordinators, VPMD, and a volunteer will be able edit and track all challenges. Your regional director will also be able to help you manage and update challenges within the BMP. All brothers in the chapter will also be able to view the progress of one another.